BONDS Australia

In life sometimes you just stumble across beauty. Whether you’re walking in Regent’s Park in summer, down Oxford Street in glistening snow in winter or scrolling through Instagram from your sofa, there is beauty in everything. And I have just discovered a new love, it’s totally impractical but sometimes love is. Bonds Australia have just launched their first swimwear collection and it is modelled by Miranda Kerr… I don’t even know if I need to write more.

I have heard of Bonds before and know that their Australian vibe sounds right down my street and after reading their inspiration post behind the collection it all makes sense; “Off the back of the sportswear boom, swimwear was the next natural step for us. The sport and active trend is all about getting outdoors and for Aussies, this is so closely linked to the coastal lifestyle”. So this almost confirms that Australians must spend half their life at the beach right? I would if I was living there anyway, I am one dream away from becoming total Aussie beach babe, just give me a surf board and watch me try. So it’s not really a surprise that they have launched a swimwear capsule, the question is why have they waited so long?

The collection is all palms, neons and totally Instagram worthy and as Miranda Kerr the face (and body, who could forget) of the collection I am totally sold. She is one of the original Bonds Girls and is definitely a woman to inspire to, successful, driven, beautiful, and an ambassador for healthy living. The campaign is stunning and I think she really captures the fun energy of the brand.

So with bikinis, one piece sporty (but sexy) swimsuits and bright surf pieces, it is a collection to pin to all my style and wanderlust Pinterest boards. Due to the obvious fact that I live in England and we’re heading into winter, it doesn’t really seem like an appropriate piece of clothing to be investing in. However, on Boxing Day I am jetting off to sunny Sydney for just over two weeks and I think that is excuse enough to potentially purchase this little number or this perfect print two piece, and then wear every day whilst I’m there. Money well spent.

As I scroll through these beautiful pieces I am just picturing myself, strolling down Manly Beach or watching the surf at Bondi. There is just something so chilled about the Aussie lifestyle and I can’t wait to embrace it all again in just over three months. With or without a lovely new bikini, just call me the new ‘Bond girl’ – Tom Hiddleston if you want to step up as the new Bond, now would be perfect timing.

(Image credit – BONDS Australia)

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