Sunday Lounging Chapter.11

Well, a lot has been going on in the last couple of weeks so I apologise for not keeping up with my weekly posts. From a glorious first May Bank Holiday spent exploring the New Forest to birthday celebrations with my family and finding out some exciting news, it’s been a busy month. So this week I’m going to go back to last weekend and what kept me smiling, laughing and crying all weekend long.



Now I don’t mean the TV kind that you binge watch. I mean the IRL, love and hold best friends a girl could ask for. I am so lucky that I have a group of girls who have been friends for 8+ years, since our school days. But as we get older, move away, begin ‘adulting’ we do find it harder to find a date for all of us to be together.

We booked in the weekend of the 18th May months ago, a long weekend in Devon with views of the sea, a big house and lots of wine. It was the perfect set up and we had glorious weather to accompany us (when does that ever happen when you plan a weekend at the coast?!).

With lots of wine, comes late nights laughing and chatting and lazy mornings drinking tea outside looking over the sea. We also had the Royal Wedding (more on that later) as our Saturday morning distraction which was the perfect accompaniment with a fry up and bucks-fizz. We wanted to enjoy being by the coast and took a walk to the beach. Well, what we thought would be the beach. Turns out in our hazy minds we just assumed ‘Coastal Path’ would mean along the beach, not up a 40ft cliff looking down to the sea. So whilst we got to the ocean quickly we then ventured on a 20 minute walk along the coast before arriving at the beach. It was absolutely beautiful and well worth the walk, had we not all been in flip-flops and sandals and carrying bottles of Prosecco. Once our feet hit the sand we basked in the glorious sunshine, dipped our toes in the freezing water, drank Prosecco, played games, read magazines, had snacks and chatted away until the sun set behind the cliffs. Total bliss.

The main thing from the weekend was that warm feeling of friendship, of laughing together, crying together (damn you Royal Wedding!), sharing stories, sharing achievements and just enjoying every moment of each others company. Now comes the struggle of booking in the next date we’re all free. Diaries out.


Royal Wedding

Okay I couldn’t talk about last weekend without talking about the event of the year! #RoyalWedding. Just wow. I knew I would be obsessed with it and totally taken in by it, but this was another level. From all the guests arriving and trying to spot the Suits actors and celebrities (shout out to Serena Williams, Amal Clooney, Abigail Spencer and others from winning best dressed) to seeing Harry walk down with William, looking noticeably nervous. To the arrival of The Queen in her delightful bright ensemble, to the most anticipated moment of the whole day; Meghan Markle getting out of her car and revealing the dress. I loved it. It was classic, classy, simple and the boat neckline was so suited to Meghan. The detail on the veil, of the 53 Commonwealth countries flowers, and they way it looked as she walked up those stairs. Wow. She is a powerful, independent woman and watching her walk the start of the aisle by herself just broke me. It was so empowering and beautiful. I could go on forever about the wedding, what I loved and the best bits (maybe just check out my Twitter feed and the amount I re-tweeted) but I just want to congratulate the happy couple, because they truly looked at each other like they were the only two people in the room and that is so special. Oh and a shout out to Meghan Markle’s mum for being an absolute hero holding the tears in and looking so proud. And a final shout out to the beautiful choir,┬áKaren Gibson and the Kingdom Choir, whose rendition of Stand By Me made sure I wasn’t finished crying for the day.

I feel emotional just thinking about this weekend, from spending it with with my closest friends to watching the most televised event of the year. It really was a very happy weekend.

So what’s next? Well watch this space as I have news coming soon.

Byeee x

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