Sunday Lounging Chapter.9

I’m back! I have been back from my Canadian holiday for a couple of weeks now and just about got back into the daily routine. It takes a while to adjust back to day to day life when that doesn’t involve waking up at 7.30am, fuelling myself with waffles and heading for the ski-lifts to enjoy the first tracks of the day.

Now I’m back I have been catching up on my reading, discovering new podcasts and this week have enjoyed the UK delivering a sprinkling of sunshine (finally).


  • Podcasts: I have followed Australian Youtuber Sara’s Day since last year (she featured in my first #SundayLounging post) and am obsessed with her enthusiasm for life, her energy and just general health and fitness influence. She has just launched her own podcast with her boyfriend (who is also all of the above and equally hilarious) where they are cracking the code of health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and building you career. It’s an hour of unfiltered fun and tips. Check it out now: The Health Code


  • Fitness: As the sun made the majority of us Brits smile this week it also sent our circuits session outdoors. The first one of the year and I have to say, even though we don’t have music when exercising outdoors I actually prefer it. Netball style warm ups, three rounds of a circuit mixing weights, TRX and full-body exercises and a stretch to end. All taking in some vitamin D and enjoying the fresh air in our local park. Where do you prefer to work out?


  • Articles: With Avengers: Infinity War hitting cinema’s next week there is one woman who has been capturing the limelight – Elizabeth Olsen. The Sunday Times Style featured her on the cover and the whole fashion shoot was so beautiful, I loved every look (particularly the two in my cover photo) and found her completely endering. As the younger sister of some pretty famous twins (I was also obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley growing up too, so I’m a complete Olsen fangirl now) she prefers to stay out of the limelight, avoid awards shows and would love to live in the English countryside and enjoys country walks and visits to the pub. Honestly, can she be my new best friend?


  • Fashion: The¬†H&M Conscious Exclusive collection¬†launched this week and is filled with delicate floral dresses, skirts, shirts and more, made from sustainable materials, in an ode to the “artistic and historic home of Karin and Carl Larsson”. The collection looks so dreamy and the video to promote the launch is just as whimsical and powerful. Check out the collection, video and story here.


  • Living: We have missed that big yellow ball in the sky but now it’s arrived (even if it is only momentarily) I have been obsessing over how I can enjoy being outdoors more and whether dining Alfresco is an option? Whilst I only have a small garden and have limited furniture, I still think I could make a good go at enjoying some outdoor dinning. I read The White Company: 5 Alfresco Dining Updates and took tips on how to obtain the perfect platter (my favourite kind of outdoor meal is an antipasti platter or a traditional BBQ) and to make use of nautical cushions and low-key lighting to add a cosy feel to your outdoor space. So now I will keep my fingers crossed for the lovely weather to continue.


  • Watched: A great start to the week was settling in to watch The Queen’s Green Planet, an hour of TV documenting the gardens of Buckingham Palace and discussing how the Queen’s Canopy is helping create a global network of protected forests across the Commonwealth Countries. If you didn’t see it on Monday night head to BBC IPlayer now! Who would of thought a show narrated by two 91 old’s talking about plants for an hour would be so interesting to me?


I hope you have also been able to enjoy the sunshine this week and that it has given you that boost of motivation (it certainly has given me). What have you read or watched this week that has inspired you?

Byeee x

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