Fashion week is in session, New York have kicked off the most glamorous time of the year for all NY city dwellers. So grab your high heels, tie your shirts backwards and make sure to walk slowly across the road in front of yellow cabs (I’ve seen street style, I know the deal). Here I am just pointing out three shows that I have seen and enjoyed so far, each very different from the previous and probably why I think I am so attracted to each. Spring Summer 2017, I’m either going to be full grunge biker girl, preppy American or glam goddess.

TommyXGigi was basically a catwalk at the carnival and potentially one of my favourite fashion show set designs to date. As Tommy Pier opened for business, it embraced the high demand for ‘Shop Now’. In the fast consuming world of fashion, people can now not wait a single second longer than seeing the show before purchasing some of the collection. Tommy heard and Tommy responded #TOMMYNOW. Guests were able to shop the collection from pop up stalls at the fair after the show had walked down the pier. Not only could the guests of the show shop straight away but those of us mere mortals watching online could also add items to our basket as we saw the show, fast food this is not, efficient fashion it is. And with the collection designed alongside model Gigi Hadid it was destined to be preppy and fun, and another pleasant surprise is that Tommy Hilfiger is actually affordable designer wear (if I hadn’t booked a flight to Australia that is). So here is my hit-list of what I want this season:


After reading her insightful, beautiful and honest ‘Dear Victoria’ piece in Vogue October I was so ready to see what Victoria Beckham was going to produce this season. The letter penned to her 18-year-old self was vulnerable and funny, pointing fun at herself but also preparing her for the success she would encounter. This vulnerability seemed to coincide with the collection, a more relaxed aesthetic appeared before our eyes “The signature silhouette is there but it’s evolved, it’s deconstructed. I was trying on a jacket and just letting it fall off my shoulder, open, slouchy, and I though, that looks really cool. It’s also about softening up this season. I wanted the clothes to look like they’d just been thrown on.” That is something I think we can all get on board with, a totally styled outfit which is just thrown together, from a somewhat un-earthly heap on our floors I am sure. The collection we’re seeing now, well we’re talking velvet crop tops (bras are going to be big next year… well, not big, but the trend is pretty huge) with matching blazers, drop waist trousers with oversized shirts, and some of the velvet is not for the faint hearted – bright orange and peppermint anyone?


Inspired by rebels and dreamers, flowers and leather, the Coach girl gang just added an extra punch. I was happy to see that floral floaty dresses are to continue being paired with biker boots from fall to spring. I am on board with all things feminine and flirty, toughened up with a leather jacket (personalised of course) and some huge studded biker boots. Here Stuart Ververs has delivered Khaki shirts, Elvis fan t-shirts, sheer dresses with a mix of studded-leather or more Western fringe inspired jackets. It was all a bit frantic and bold, and I surprisingly want to embrace that. Bare legs and biker jackets from now until next spring please.

Images credit – Tommy Hilfiger, Vogue


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