Sunday Lounging Chapter.7

This week’s chapter of Sunday Lounging has a theme (oo-err) and that is women. Today is Mother’s Day, a day I feel lucky to be able to celebrate with my mum but I know so many woman who aren’t lucky enough to have their mothers around or to not celebrate that relationship. But for me, my mum is my role model, my TV partner and the first women I looked up to. This week was also #InternationalWomensDay2018 which is such an important day to celebrate, everyday.

Of course across many social channels, brands and publications this week there has been lots that has inspired me in the celebration of women.

Here are the stories I read, videos I watch and podcasts that were empowering for me personally this week.


  • Spice Girls: Facebook VP Nicola Mendelsohn in conversation with Victoria Beckham about #shemeansbusiness. Yes she is a Spice Girl and she pretty much started championing Girl Power but she is also a kick-ass female businesswoman who believed in her passion and her business that she didn’t care if no one else did before. She discussed how she never set out to prove herself, but she knew she had to as people put her in a box of ‘girl band pop star’ and didn’t see her as a serious contender in the fashion industry. But as she celebrates the 10 year anniversary of her brand this year she is one of the top dogs! I love her collections, I love her love for her family and I just think she is someone to observe for her business mind, passion and dedication. Check out the video to see her discussion and also take a moment to appreciate the lilac suit because that girl means business!
  • Spice Girls x2: Another Spice Girl shouting out this #IWD;¬†Melanie C. Goodness I feel very nostalgic from watching these two videos on International Women’s Day. Melanie C has worked with Mint Velvet for their We Are Woman initiative and shares what she has taken from coming from the Spice Girls, who inspired her, what she hopes for her daughter and so much more. I never realised how relatable she is and I love how both Mel C and VB have stepped up this #IWD2018 to talk about business, life, empowering and supporting women and their own personal style. I recommend watching the video interview with Melanie C and also checking out the rest of the We Are Women campaign (and their lovely charity T-shirt).
  • Books: I have read this book/journal/memoir before but rediscovered it this week and felt it was quite appropriate. A Diary Of A Digital Nomad by Amy Molloy follows her personal journey from full-time journalist with a set schedule to letting go of the structure and control and going travelling with her partner whilst still holding down her job as author and journalist. I found it so inspiring to read when I was doing my own travelling 4 years ago and it is a real honest look into how travelling can have an effect on, how you can make it work without giving up everything and how you can connect with people and yourself more than you ever thought possible. I also discovered just this week that she graduated from the same university as me, so now she’s my top role model for someone with a similar start to journalism and writing. (She also moved to Australia, which is where I was travelling at the time of reading. Take that as you will).
  • Instagram: Emma Watson took over National Geographic Instagram page for the day to guest curate the page and share powerful images taken by National Geographic’s emerging female photographers around the world. I really love that she has chosen to work with such a massive organisation but to pull out often under-represented and under-celebrate female contributors to the industry. Worth a look to see some beautifully poignant images.


There are so many more projects I could mention here that I have loved reading/watching/listening to this week surrounding International Women’s Day but these were just a couple of things that have really stuck with me.

Have you read or discovered anything this week surrounding the International Women’s Day celebrations that you loved?

Now I am off for a day in London to celebrate my mum and do the things we love doing together; Visiting the V&A and having lots of coffee stops!

Byeee x

PS: No Sunday Times Style photo this week as I am out and about all day so won’t have time to buy, photograph and share with you. Instead the book in my photo ‘Little Black Book’ by Otegha Uwagba is a must read for women looking for advice and helpful tips for tackling the world! I might do a review on it too, I’ve started to dip in and out of it for weekly advice now.

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