Sunday Lounging Chapter.7

This week’s chapter of Sunday Lounging has a theme (oo-err) and that is women. Today is Mother’s Day, a day I feel lucky to be able to celebrate with my mum. This week was also #InternationalWomensDay2018 which is such an important day to celebrate, everyday. See what I read and listened to this week surrounding the topic of Women.

Fashion Week Higlights

It’s that time of year, when the fashion pack are out in force, sniffing out the trends and strutting their stuff candidly across roads #streetstyle. Rather than a post for each City I just wanted to do a quick round up of the shows I loved this season.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.6

England was turned into a winter wonderland this week with #snowmageddon but with that brought a much slower week filled with home work-outs and online reading.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.5

No matter how tough life gets you’ve got to keep grafting. Discover the fashion, fitness and other exciting things I have experienced this week.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.3

This week has been spent catching up on vlogs, starting a new box set and picking up March magazine issues… and the introduction to a Spring wardrobe.

Why Fashion Week?

I’m sure many people, old and young ask the question of what’s the point of Fashion Week? I’ll be honest, when I see platform Crocs appearing on the catwalk (looking at you Balenciaga) I also question why I’m so interested in ‘Fashion’.

Spring feeling

I can smell it. The fresh feeling of days warming up, rain leaving a fresh scent rather than a constant dampness. I can feel it in me too. I feel more awake, more driven and more willing to be outside and embrace the days as they begin to lengthen once again.

Stomping ground

Shoes can take you places, you can travel the world and step into new unknown places in them. You buy a pair and take your first tentative steps into a new job or an interview with them, you dig out one pair that is used for every ‘fancy’ occasion, and you have the one pair that you just can’t throw away even though they’re falling apart. A good pair of shoes will help you lead the way to new adventures and stories to tell.

ELLE: Making the September Issue

“I want to know how the women feel, I want them to want to pull out the pages of the magazine and to use them as inspiration.” Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy knows women, she wants them to feel empowered, strong and confident. She believes in equality and in reality. She knows what women want and that we want it now!


Across the pond, to the cobbled streets of jolly ol’ England. London Fashion week is underway and making statements at each and every turn. As with my previous post about NYFW I am just going to cover the couple of shows that caught my eye.


Fashion week is in session, New York have kicked off the most glamorous time of the year for all NY city dwellers. So grab your high heels, tie your shirts backwards and make sure to walk slowly across the road in front of yellow cabs (I’ve seen street style, I know the deal).

BONDS Australia

In life sometimes you just stumble across beauty. Whether you’re walking in Regent’s Park in summer, down Oxford Street in glistening snow in winter or scrolling through Instagram from your sofa, there is beauty in everything. And I have just discovered a new love, it’s totally impractical but sometimes love is. Bonds Australia have just launched their first swimwear collection and it is modelled by Miranda Kerr… I don’t even know if I need to write more.