Sunday Lounging Chapter.8

Sorry this one is a day late but I decided to enjoy my weekend with my family rather than rush to my computer to finish a post.

This Sunday Lounging post is actually going to be very brief and different to others. This week what I valued and enjoyed most was my family. We are celebrating my Nan’s 90th this Wednesday, so the whole family gathered on Saturday for a beautiful pub lunch in the heart of Petersfield, in the countryside, surrounded by snow!

I have always been lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with all my family but the chances of us all being able to get together at the same time are so slim, so I was delighted when my eldest brother made the trip up from Cornwall to join us all. And with only a couple of weeks to go before my other brother and sister-in-law welcome a second little man to the world, it was so nice to have them and my nephew with us too.

My weekend started with a Mother-Daughter night out in London to visit the Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic exhibition at the V&A which was sensational. I honestly felt so nostalgic and giddy whilst walking around and looking at the original drawings and words from A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard. As always the V&A created a beautiful exhibition and tailored it for kids as well as adults. My mum reminisced on the books she had as a kid and then we both looked at the ones I had too, and how the drawings of characters developed over the years. I also raided the gift store and stocked up on more Piglet souvenirs (each Piglet I own has his own little story).

Saturday we woke up to snow (queue a panic call from my Nan worrying we wouldn’t be able to make it and what do we do!) but we headed out and drove through the winter wonderland and were met by delicious food, a roaring open fire and prosecco. We laughed, ate, listened to stories and ran around in the snow – well, my nephew, brothers and I did. I even managed to force the group together for a family photo! Small miracles when you have a family adverse to having their picture taking, unless your my cousin and me taking selfies.

Back home we spent Saturday night playing board-games where both my brother and I beat our dad, much to our amusement. Sunday was a slow start, a winter walk and a delicious roast and then back over to the other brothers for an afternoon playing “CARS” with my nephew and also playing “AEROPLANE”, which subsequently I have discovered means I don’t need to work arms at the gym this week. Flying a two year old around the house is a tough workout!


As I say, this Sunday Lounging post is a little different, more of a diary of my family weekend. One that I will treasure for a long time. I am off on holiday at the end of this week so there will be no post for a couple of weeks but I hope to do a travel diary when I return.

Hope you all have a week filled with love and happiness (and maybe less snow!)

Byeee x

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