Sunday Lounging Chapter.10

This week only two things really kept me busy, plus one disappointing season finale. Where work was challenging, my mind found it hard to switch off at the end of the day which meant I needed good distractions and not mindless scrolling.

  • Fitness: My main achievement for this week was my first run in over 4-5 months. Towards the end of last year I found troubling knee issues after completing my Three Peaks Challenge (still cant believe I achieved such a thing) and therefore stepped back from running and general high-impact training. Especially as I knew I had my Ski holiday in March coming up. But now I have recovered, with strength training and stretching, I was happy to lace up my trainers and get back out there. Only a 2.5km run, but a non-stop, non-pain run none-the-less. Now it’s about maintaining this and trying to incorporate it into my fitness routine. Going forward I am going to mix running, Pilates and circuits classes into my training.


  • Book: I have finally started the much talked about Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and as I get stuck into it, ten chapters in, I know it is going to live up to the many reviews and recommendations I have heard. It makes me think there will be many twists and memories to be uncovered. Happy to have spent my Friday night switched off and stuck in a book.


  • TV: After watching seven series of a show, with two lead characters leaving you would be right to think that series finale would be about them and give them a good send off. Well, without giving too much away #spoileralert, Suits Series 7 has not given me a satisfactory ending to Mike & Rachel leaving and the end of the Mike & Harvey relationship. We all know Meghan Markle was signing off after this season (time to go marry a Prince) and with that Patrick Adams decided it was his time to leave too, so whilst the storyline was fitting and I’m glad they didn’t try break them up in some ridiculous manner, I am disappointed that over a two hour special, they got about 10-15mins dedicated to them, the wedding, why they’re leaving. The majority of the episode was all about Jessica and setting up her spin-off series. So, to conclude, I’ve dedicated myself to seven series of this show and have come away a little deflated by the ending.


What’s your favourite way to switch off from a busy week?

Byeee x

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