Pave your path

I am a runner. As the world changed and everything became uncertain, I found my strength and my path forward.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.12

“Even if my goals are outrageously, totally insane, I’d rather reach for the sky.” This week has been filled with many things, from interesting articles, brilliant tennis matches, hard goodbyes and prepping for new beginnings.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.10

This week only two things really kept me busy, plus one disappointing season finale. Where work was challenging, my mind found it hard to switch off at the end of the day which meant I needed good distractions and not mindless scrolling. Fitness: My main achievement for this week was my first run in over…

Sunday Lounging Chapter.9

I’m back at it and this week enjoying a new podcast, outdoor living, Elizabeth Olsen and The Queen.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.8

This Sunday Lounging post is a little different, more of a diary of my family weekend. One that I will treasure for a long time.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.7

This week’s chapter of Sunday Lounging has a theme (oo-err) and that is women. Today is Mother’s Day, a day I feel lucky to be able to celebrate with my mum. This week was also #InternationalWomensDay2018 which is such an important day to celebrate, everyday. See what I read and listened to this week surrounding the topic of Women.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.6

England was turned into a winter wonderland this week with #snowmageddon but with that brought a much slower week filled with home work-outs and online reading.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.5

No matter how tough life gets you’ve got to keep grafting. Discover the fashion, fitness and other exciting things I have experienced this week.

It’s About Time

#AboutTomorrow Festival is a celebration of women and female-owned businesses, a place of female empowerment and I attended two of these special events.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.4

Inspiring women inspire women. This week I learnt to listen to my body, to slow down and find balance. And to celebrate women.

Sunday Lounging Chapter.3

This week has been spent catching up on vlogs, starting a new box set and picking up March magazine issues… and the introduction to a Spring wardrobe.