Sunday Lounging Chapter.6

If you live in any part of the UK it’s unlikely you have been able to escape #snowmageddon and although for us it was a bit over-exaggerated we did still have a fair amount resulting in a snow afternoon on Friday, much to the office delight! Whilst I prefer my snow on mountains, I do still love a little dusting here in jolly ‘ol England and for a few hours the world is peaceful and glistening. However come Saturday and it’s just slush, slowly disappearing and I believe rain is on the horizon (boo). Anyway, enough of my weather report, let’s see what I’ve been up to this week.


  • Fashion: This week saw one of my favourite bloggers Victoria Magrath from Inthefrow launch her first collaboration with Strathberry handbags! Whilst it sold out over night (so I won’t be adding a piece to my wardrobe) I still wanted to talk about how gorgeous and clearly passionate this project is. I believe to put your name to a product it has to be something you really love and believe in, this is something Victoria truly loved and deserves beyond belief. You can read her post about the exciting launch here. I adore the colours and had my eye on the combined Rose and Plum East/West Mini. Congratulations Victoria your #strathberryxinthefrow collection is just the start I am sure.


  • Fitness: I managed a class this week. Hooray! My first circuits class in over two weeks, and whilst my body was exhausted and out of breath, I managed it with little pain to my knee. Then due to snow I didn’t make the gym again! All good intentions and that ha. But I have done 6 yoga flows and a 15 minute core workout from Bradley Simmonds Instagram. Even if I can’t mange three full classes a week again yet I am making sure my body is still moving and I’m making alterations to my work outs.


  • Weekend: I started to get a bit of cabin fever by the weekend so decided to take myself out for a wonder. I ended up on a half hour stroll to our local garden centre and then pottered around, had some lunch, got some bits for Mother’s Day and then strolled back. I feel like I’ve turned into my mother in one afternoon. For some reason I just enjoy the quiet of walking around garden centres filled with beautiful plants, candles and ornaments.


  • Writing: Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been following the Fashion Week circuit and catching up on the shows I love. There have been some exquisite designs, simple shows, flamboyant shows and powerful presentations. I have been working on a post rounding up my favourite collections this season and I will be sharing that hopefully this coming week once I have finished it up.


What have you been doing this week? How much has the snow affected your daily life or having you seen it as a quiet blessing and a reason to stay snuggled up indoors? And here comes the first signs of rain, with that I’m off.

Byeee x

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