Sunday Lounging Chapter.4

This week has been quiet but also suddenly ridiculously busy, following a couple of lovely nights in enjoying food and brilliant company, I then headed into London for an inspiring talk and then again for birthday celebrations. Mix in some new fitness routines and introducing myself to podcasts and Yoga, it’s been an interesting week.

  • Flexibility: I’ve taken the whole week of from the gym and all I feel is guilt. That if I miss a week I won’t get back into the routine and my gung-ho attitude at the beginning of the year has been for nothing. Ridiculous I know. In reality, my knee is suffering a lot at the moment and I have a ski holiday in just under 5 weeks which I do not want to be in pain for. So I’ve taken the week off from the gym (to be honest I wouldn’t have been able to make two classes anyway as I had plans) and have been getting my yoga matt out each day to spend half an hour stretching and foam rolling. It’s been painful but rewarding. One of my goals for the year was to become more flexible so this is definitely¬†helping.


  • Yoga: In addition to needing to take a break from the gym I have picked up trying out a half hour Yoga session each morning, following Cat Meffan’s Yoganuary challenge (yes, a month and a bit late!) and so far I am really enjoying slowing down, challenging my strength and balance and just enjoying still moving my body but in a different way.


  • Podcast: The Fringe Of It – I was so excited to start listening to Liv Purvis (from whatoliviadid) and Charlotte Jacklin (from bettymagazine) in their new venture into podcasting! I haven’t really listened to many podcasts before but recently started listening to the Mint Velvet We Are Woman series which I loved so I’m branching out. This introductory podcast was all about friendship which is something woman really value and I think worry about more than most.


  • Evenings: Thoroughly enjoyed spending a couple of quiet evenings in with my boyfriend enjoying pancakes and then a lovely cooked meal and wine for Valentines Day. So nice to just to spend time together and not feel the desperate need to be out and about. On Thursday night I went to my first #AboutTomorrow event in Camden and really enjoyed it, I am putting together a whole post about this and the one I will be going to next week. Getting to hear Alice Living, Cat Meffan, Annie Clarke and many more inspiring women discuss fitness, health and well-being was just fantastic and I really feel like I have taken a lot of good stuff away from this talk.


  • Weekend: I pretended I was a part of #fashun and hung around the Strand outside #LFW and watched the goings-on. Before heading to Tonight Josephine to celebrate my friends birthday, it was so pink, girly and fun! The amazing cocktails and the headache today tells me I had a good time.

I hope you all had a great week and what this week has taught me most is to celebrate the women in your life, to support them and make more time for them. Women are ace! Now I’m getting ready as we’re heading to watch Dancing On Ice live tonight!

Byeee x

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