Sunday Lounging Chapter.3

This week my body has not been agreeing with me so much and with an ongoing knee injury I had to take some time off from the gym and just do some stretch sessions from the comfort of my bedroom floor (glam life). This has meant that I’ve spent more time at home reading and starting a new box set/catching up on Vlogs. Also the Fashion Week madness began on Thursday/Friday so I am going to try follow as much of that as possible too.

  • Watching: The Crown. I have obviously heard a lot of hype and know that series two has just been released on Netflix. So after buying it on DVD for my mum for Christmas and her just getting stuck in I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and watch along too. So far thumbs up, feel like I’m educating myself a little whilst enjoying it as a dramatised piece of television (I’ve been warned not to treat it as a documentary/factual piece of TV).


  • Impressed by: The Benefit #OutOfThisWorld mega press launch for their latest mascara Bad Gal BANG. Not only has it been a big launch in London with pink spacesuits spotted walking around the underground but bloggers have been sent to (what I’m assuming are) places deemed ‘out of this world’ to watch the product reveal. IE. Victoria from Inthefrow has been in the Maldives and it looks frickin’ unreal. Great job Benefit, you really have rocketed this product to the masses – oh and the work to the site for this launch is all unbelievably cool! Will have to make a purchase soon to test it for myself.


  • Reading: Hello Fashion Monthly. My fab friend managed to bag me a free subscription to the mag so it was a pleasant surprise when it landed on my doorstep Monday morning. Tucking into some spring vibes and catching up on what trends to look out for this season. Also picked up ELLE this month with cover girl Margot Robbie (errr #girlcrush #lovedhersinceneighbours #knewofherbeforeshewasfamous … you catch my drift) and this months Women’s Health too with the divine Alice Living. So, you know what I’ll be reading for the next couple of weeks.


  • Planning: Next week I am heading to London for a great event as part of the series called About Tomorrow, set up by the #girlbosses at About Time Magazine. Hoping to feel inspired to be healthy and happy this year. Will try and put together a round up of the event for next Sunday (or maybe even a separate post if I take away loads of good stuff from the talk!)


  • Friendship: A Saturday coffee date with my best friend was just what the start to the weekend needed. We had a full on life debrief and are both on the same page on removing negativity from your life and to surround yourself with like-minded people. She always inspires and motivates me to do all that I want to do¬† and she has been smashing it with her studies over the last four years. We’ve got this!

I hope you’ve all had a good week and let’s hope for some warmer weather soon as the central heating is doing no favours for my skin and nails right now! I have also began to think of Spring… so pictured are a couple of new pastel purchases to ease me into the new season. Lilac is going to be big. Catch you next week.

Byeee x


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