Sunday Lounging Chapter.2

We finally escaped January’s evil clutches this week and I honestly was moody all beginning of the week and then turned a corner on Thursday. So maybe the start of a new month and the whole Super Blue Moon vibes is true. Anyway, had a great fitness week, enjoyed a lot of down time reading and spent evenings properly switching off. See what I’ve been up to this week.

  • Gym round up: Started with a tough circuits class on Monday but managed three rounds where I included 10 press ups, ten burpee-high pulls, 5 lunges (each leg) and arm raises, 10 squat jumps. Mixed in with an interval warm up of running, kettle bell swings, squat thrusts (my worst) and mountain climbers. Managed to hold side planks more successfully today than normal too! Wednesday I slowed down with some Pilates which I am really enjoying at the moment as I feel it’s when I work most on my core strength and really engage. Thursday HIIT session saw a mix of barbell squats and a core circuit, alongside our usual exercises. I might look into doing a post on my exercises in further detail, but something to take from this class was I manage side planks with 8 side dips each side! Sometimes I can’t even manage a solid side plank let alone dips too. Really think my combination of Pilates and HIIT is helping my core stability.


  • Reading: Currently half way through one of my Christmas presents ‘The Break’ by Marian Keyes and it is FAB. It basically showcases women’s inner fears of partners leaving, but not for good… and nothing will change, and life will be fine, and now it’s time to work on yourself… but who are you without your partner? Those big questions and worries. Half way through and I still can’t predict what kind of ending it will have so that’s got to be a good thing. Even though I have this and the next Lindsey Kelk book to read (FAVE!) I also treated myself to two newbies, the highly recommended ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman and ‘The Husband’s Secret’ by Liane Moriarty, the author behind the hyped ‘Big Little Lies’ (which I have yet to read or watch) but I have just finished ‘Truly, Madly, Guilty’ and once I have read this one I will probably jump on the ‘Big Little Lies’ hype.


  • Interior goals: Discovered Neptune Home, and oh god I-can’t-even! I popped in store a couple weeks back and I picked up their ‘Winter Stories’ catalogue and was just so inspired and suddenly I wanted the lead up to Christmas all over again! When we embrace the cold and dark and use it as an excuse to hunker down with hot drinks, candles and twinkly lights, good books and family time. Now it’s still the same season weather wise but we’re all miserable! Anyway. Neptune = #interiorgoals. Once I one day get the home of my dreams I want a kitchen like the ones they design and all the quirks to go with it. Until then check out their Journal or pop in store to pick up their Stories catalogue… eagerly awaiting ‘Spring Stories’


  • Countryside escape: I went home to visit the parents this weekend and we spent it cooking our (well mine at least) favourite meals, Sausage Carousel and Chicken Divan, enjoying some wine and curling up on the sofa with my book. Sunday allowed an escape to the outdoors with brunch at the local cafe (hello pancakes!) and then my mum and I did a 2 mile loop up in the countryside around their home which was so lovely and needed after yesterday tucked indoors all day – the sun even made an appearance!


How have you spent your week? I’m hoping this week will be just as productive fitness wise and I’m looking forward to the coming weeks with some events and London trips planned. Stay tuned!

Byeee x


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