Sunday Lounging Chapter.1

Welcome to my Sunday thoughts. There is nothing I love more than lazy Sundays. Brunch, Sunday papers and magazine, lots of tea and long walks (and occasionally the Sunday roast – looking at you dad).

This series will be coming to you weekly full of things I’ve loved this week. It might be looking at what I have coming up, what training I’ve been doing, what I’ve bought, what I’ve read or what I’ve seen. Sharing with you the things which have caught my attention and I think you might be interested in too. Look out for possible inserts of tennis too (scroll down to see what I mean).

Let’s get started…

  • #AusOpen So I’m tennis obsessed and was lucky enough to visit the Australian Open when I visited four years ago. Now each year when it’s on, Facebook reminds me how much fun I was having, whilst I now get up at 7am to watch tennis before work. This tournament has seen our Brit Kyle Edmund defy the odds and it has been inspiring to watch. He’s the under-dog, the grafter, the believer. Each round he has got through to he just keeps saying “Well I believe in my game, I know I am playing well, I know I can do it”. This is the attitude I want to take with me this year, belief. To believe my worth in work, relationships and my fitness goals. Not everything comes easily, some weeks are great, some you question every little thing and think “I can’t”. But I will follow Kyle’s lead and believe this year. (Ps. looks like Fed has this again)
  • Discovering Sarahs_Day on Instagram and Youtube┬áhas been a joy. I have recently become converted to vlogs, I tend to get my fix whilst doing dinner or getting ready to go out. Latest discovery is Sarah who is big into holistic health and fitness. She’s an Aussie (god is there a theme going on here?), hilarious, informative and #goals. Check her out if you are looking to get fit or try out new healthy meals. I for one am all about fitness and exercise but the struggle is real when it comes to healthy eating so I am finding some inspiration from Sarah and might start making some healthy smoothies and snack healthier!
  • Picking up ELLE each month is a highlight, I know once I’ve popped to the shop to buy it, that’s a guaranteed half hour chill and cup of tea to follow. So from Feb’s issue I loved the A-Z of the new season. Highlights from this would be K is for Kaia (supermodel of the moment and daughter of a certain Cindy Crawford), Q is for Quintessential, S is for sheer madness, and Z is for Zeitgeist.
  • Listening to Hazey Jane. Subtle plug here for the boyf, check out their Spotify for their latest single release ‘Mirror View’ which was launched with a great gig on Friday night, celebrated with our friends and family. If you like chilled out harmonies, great instrumentals and just general #goodvibes go check them out.
  • As I write this I am getting stuck into this weeks Style by The Sunday Times where they have announced their latest columnist Toff (Georgia Toffolo). Although Claudia Winkleman will always have my heart as my favourite columnist for Style, I’m looking forward to finding out what Toff will be writing about! Check out Style Play to see her introduction to the magazine (Oh and the tennis is on in the background too, to will have to wait and see if my prediction for a Fed win is true).


I hope you liked my first Sunday Lounging. Check in next week for Chapter.2.

Byeee x


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