Everyone has one. You can’t escape what you see in the mirror or just about make out in the right light through a window, it follows you and shows your vulnerabilities. It’s not always the reflection you want to see but it is familiar and sometimes comforting. The reflection I’ve been admiring recently though is the art of looking back, analysing the past and thinking about the present and possibilities for the future.

Of course the beginning of a new year always brings around the inevitability of reflection and resolutions. I was lucky enough to celebrate my New Years Eve 11 hours earlier than normal, in Sydney amongst the bright lights, with sand between my toes and my friend by my side. One of the best ways to bring in a new year. Having two weeks in the sun, relaxing and exploring was the best start to a year I could have asked for but it does mean the inevitability of ‘Winter Blues’ hit me hard when I returned to normal day to day life.


I try hard not to think too much about the future, believing that it will sort itself out and with hard work and a bit of direction I’ll get to where I want to be in time. I always question the past and the ‘what if’s’ I don’t know many people who don’t. I am trying harder to leave decisions of the past back where they are and just focus on now, what I’m doing day to day, what I want to do next and what makes me happy. Accept change, challenge it and make the best of new opportunities.

Evaluating the different areas of my life helps me to realise how far I’ve come, what parts make me happy and what parts I want to change. Some of these changes I know will take time but some changes I can address now to help me on the road to the me I want to be.

I haven’t made any resolutions out of my reflections but challenges. Things I’d like to do or achieve rather than things I’m going to quit, because let’s be honest, I’m never giving up chocolate and I am fine with that.

2017 challenges:

– The Three Peaks Challenge

– Running 10km without stopping or being exhausted

– Removing clothes/objects from my life that don’t bring me joy

– Read at least 10 books, fiction or non fiction (Lauren Graham – Talking As Fast As I Can and Meik Wiking – The Little Book of Hygge are currently sitting on my bedside table dying to be read)

– Create my own ‘sanctuary’ wherever I am living by the end of the year. A place to escape to and really relax in

– Find love and happiness in all I do; work, friendships, love and adventures. It’s not always easy or simple but it’s always worth it in the end


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