Stomping ground

Shoes can take you places, you can travel the world and step into new unknown places in them. You buy a pair and take your first tentative steps into a new job or an interview with them, you dig out one pair that is used for every ‘fancy’ occasion, and you have the one pair that you just can’t throw away even though they’re falling apart. A good pair of shoes will help you lead the way to new adventures and stories to tell.

My relationship with shoes has not always been great and I blame that whole heartedly on having to go school shoe shopping every summer holiday. It was hideous. Clumpy black plain shoes to wear day in day out, I just did not care what they looked like and had no interest in trying any new styles. In the end my mum ended up just buying me the same pair each year. They were so drab with no story and no flare, these were the days I thought I would never care for shoes.

But adolescence hits and freedom beckons and with that there were patterned Converse, suede boots, colourful sandals, and my pink Timberland boots. I’m still not sure what I was thinking when I forked out lots of pocket money on an impractical pink pair of Timberlands. Yes, I wore them a few times but I was so worried about ruining them that I spent most of the time admiring them sitting by my bedroom door. I own a pair of (used to be) white Vans that I took travelling in Australia. I remember the moment they went a nice sandy brown colour as I trekked down between trees in the pouring rain to get to the bottom of a beautiful waterfall up in the rainforests of Queensland. I will probably never wear those shoes again as they are almost ruined but I can’t part with them, they have character and memories attached to them.

It’s safe to say that boots are my calling. I can happily by-pass strappy summer sandals and dainty heels, my feet are just not made for them. Hand me some thick woolly socks and a pair of chunky biker boots and we are away. Surprisingly over the years some of my favourite and well-worn boots have been high street purchases. My suede ankle boots from H&M last year are still winners, my patent burgundy boots from M&S lasted a good couple of years before wearing away and my new ‘smart’ black heeled boots are a favourite from Primark. I would still like to purchase some real leather gorgeous boots to cherish forever, but until I find a budget to support that I am happy to indulge in high street fashion trends that are doing it so well.

My new purchase from Newlook combines my love of winter, see the ice skating style lace-up, my need for more burgundy and the ideal comfort for long walks and trips to the city. That’s probably another in the tick box for boots – comfort. Feet are warm, dry and non-blistered. Unlike my journey with summer sandals. I will be wearing these ones with ripped jeans or black skinnies, probably with skirt and tights too. The way they hug to my ankle means they look good with pretty much any item of clothing.

Now I know I say I wouldn’t fork out lots on boots but I was lucky enough to be gifted a pair of beautiful All Saints heeled boots that are just dreamy (see main image). Yes, not massively practical and I have only worn them a couple of times but I think they are perfect date night boots, stylish and smart but pretty tough too. No nonsense boots. That’s that way to step forward in style.

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