An Ode to Autumn

There is something so satisfying about watching the trees change colour, to take a sharp intake of breath in the morning when the temperature has suddenly dropped and the pleasure of having as many cups of tea as you desire whilst snuggled under blankets at the weekend. This is my ode to autumn, why I love the season of change and the anticipation of the end of the year on the horizon.

When people talk of favourite seasons or time of the year it’s easy to like all of them, their individual characteristics bringing such joy, such as long days and nights in summer, the chance of glistening snow in winter and the burst of new flowers in spring. Yet there is still something about autumn that always draws me back in. I just love the way the trees are one day green, then a whole host of burning red, orange and yellows, and the next day the trees lay bare.


I also think that autumn offers the best in clothes, interiors and TV choices. I get to enjoy big jumpers, stylish knit wear and boots (oh boots how I love thee). It’s the perfect temperature when you go out for a walk, crisp and fresh but not biting cold, allowing a quite predictable but (in my eyes) perfect wardrobe: Jeans, knitted jumper, boots, scarf, hat and a stylish coat. It’s so easy to update an outfit with different coloured jumpers and scarfs, heeled boots for nights out and Timberland styles for weekends exploring. In terms of interiors you can find me snuggled under a blanket from now until next year, mug of tea in hand and book by my side. I have just purchased my Autumn candle from The White Company which is making my room feel cosy and autumnal, with a combination of fruity notes of pear, quince and apricot blended with musk and amber it is the perfect homely scent that doesn’t over power the room.

Now to my favourite aspect of autumn… no expectations to leave the house at the weekend, Saturday nights out turn to cosy nights in with a host of fantastic TV to keep me company. Sad, maybe, but stick with me. I’m adopting the Danish way of living, because they are known to be the happiest people on earth and recently I’ve read a lot about ‘Hygge’.

“Hygge happens when we commit to the pleasure of the present moment in its simplicity. It’s there in the small rituals and gestures we undertake to give everyday life value and meaning, that comfort us, make us feel at home, rooted and generous.”

So I am all for embracing the small pleasure that make life great – a cup of tea, dinner with friends, reading the Sunday papers, watching TV in front of the fireplace and so much more. My TV calendar this autumn looks a little like this: Strictly Come Dancing (ofc, please as if I would ever miss a year!), Poldark, The Missing, and the last run on The Great British Bake Off on BBC 1. This time of year BBC really does deliver it’s best TV and I applaud them, there is nothing better than a Sunday night cuddled up in bed, watching Aidan Turner fight for his people and sweep his Mrs. off her feet. A perfect end to the weekend.

This season, whether I am out exploring in the countryside, bundled in coats and boots or huddled around the fire with my book and tea, I am happy to embrace Hygge and to live life happily.

Come check out my Pinterest where I pretty much just spend hours looking at pretty pictures and imagining another life… that’s what everyone does right? Up now, my Autumn Winter mood board full of auburn colours and tasty treats.

Feature image & body image credit: Pinterest

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