ELLE: Making the September Issue

“I want to know how the women feel, I want them to want to pull out the pages of the magazine and to use them as inspiration.” Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy knows women, she wants them to feel empowered, strong and confident. She believes in equality and in reality. She knows what women want and that we want it now!

After attending a special ELLE event hosted at The Hoxton Hotel, Holborn last week I haven’t thought of much else than what I want, whether that be as simple as what outfit I will wear tomorrow, what my next career move could be or what part of the world I want to explore next. Possibilities are out there, adventure is just around the corner and your next style choice is only a shopping trip away.

What I learnt from the fabulous event with the editors of ELLE is that they are passionate, intelligent and ambitious women. Something I completely aspire to. They talked of the change in fashion and how ‘see now by now’ is happening now, Burberry being one of the British brands to present an un-seasoned collection and subsequently ELLE presenting it on their October cover, available to buy straight away. It’s all change, so as we need to constantly evolve and change, the fashion industry does too.

ELLE magazine is forward thinking, and as mentioned in previous posts my bible for fashion and culture. Their statement of intent “Now What” stitched into their updated September Issue, displaying how even with a new update, expanding their graphic platform and updating their design and tone of voice, they are still striving for the next thing. Lorraine stated how we are collectively changing as people, what we wear, how we wear it and why, it’s becoming the norm to question the norm. ‘The Mood’ sets the tone for the whole magazine and deconstructs the moment in fashion, it helps them to dig into a topic and really get the most out of their issues.

Towards the end of the session they opened the floor to questions, so the school girl in me stuck my hand in the air, poised with what I hoped was an intelligent question:

“When you prepare for a shot, you’ve picked the model/celebrity, the locations and the clothes, do you have in mind what the story is you want to write or do you get inspired by the day and the emotion of the shoot?”

Anne-Marie Curtis, Fashion Director (honestly, she has the most incredible job!), informed me that of course they have the story in mind, they always have an idea of what they want out of the shoot, to be prepared. What was interesting was how she commented that she attend all the fashion shows and tried to work out how she can interpret those stories into something for a fashion shoot and to get everyone’s interpretations on it. She is inspire by art and photography, looking at photographers work, whether it’s fashion or architecture, she never ‘Googles’ and believes in being inspired by what you love. The planning stage for a shoot sounds like my idea of heaven, researching, making mood boards (so dreamy) and planning for the season ahead, taking inspiration from culture, news and of course the fashion shows. It’s a long process, but my god do they do it well (what else they do well, videos – check below!).

So, what next? Well for ELLE they are working on their January issue which will be dedicated to strong women, after noticing a small epidemic of women feeling anxious and self-conscious, the huge surge in popularity of fitness has made us feel happier and empowered and ELLE want to shout about that and highlight dressing for comfort. As for me, I’m still searching for my next adventure, wrong turn, surprise encounter and moment of realisation. Australia is less than three months away now and I hear new memories calling.

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