The September Issue

Every month without fail I purchase ELLE magazine, it has been my bible since I was 16, showing me beautiful clothes, powerful women and inspirational content. To me it is ‘the one’. However, as we approach the changing of seasons (yet again) I prepare to get my head stuck into the all-important September Issues. That means ELLE is just on top of my pile of monthly magazines informing me of what to look out for this coming Autumn/Winter season.

The September issue is renowned for being the biggest issue of the year, bursting at the neck with spectacular advertorials, beautiful campaigns, and a knowledge of what’s to come. If you haven’t seen The September Issue (2009) – documenting the creation of American Vogue September 2007 and following the likes of Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, then I recommend you add it to your ‘To Watch’ list right now. Giving a behind the scenes look at what goes in to creating the fashion worlds most talked about magazine, showing the triumphs and the turmoil, is really quite inspirational.

Now onto these all important issues, your go-to for the coming season and what to look out for. I’m going to give a breakdown of what I’ve read, the trends to track and how I might try incorporate them into my AW16 wardrobe.

Femininity and frills – ELLE comments that “prettiness is happening right in the middle of fashion’s shift towards gender swapping”, as the world starts to defy gender stereotypes and challenge the norm, we should still expect to see lots of light feminine pieces this season. I for one have already seen some beautiful pieces in M&S Limited Collection. With pussy-bows, pink hues and sheer fabrics, femininity is still a strong contender for a wardrobe staple. For the full boudoir effect, Vogue is loving silk lingerie and slips for day to night elegance. And be ready for pink – blush, blossom, pastel is the answer.

Back the Brits – We’re not talking red, white, and blue emblazed clothes but rather the traditional tweed becoming modern. Vogue has noted that the traditional tweeds can become stylish and current by embracing unconventional silhouettes, such as oversized coats, wide legged trousers and cropped jumpers. Make sure to stock up on those autumnal colours, ELLE loves the down to earth colours, camel is back and now it is accompanied by cinnamon, tobacco, toffee and all those beautiful colours you associate with the changing colour of leaves.

Return of the rebel – This is the one for me it has to be said. Give me a buckle, a stud and a big chunky boot and I am away. Whilst Vogue is opting for the ‘polished punk’ approach, with dainty heals, some leopard print flats and safety pin accessories, ELLE has gone in hard with tough clothes and studded leather, naming Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang as ones to turn to for inspiration. Honestly a chunky boot is my dream ever since seeing the Balenciaga Ceinture ankle boot. Dreamy. I loved ELLE’s ‘BAD EDUCATION’ piece in the September issue, we want ripped denim, sweatshirts, high top trainers, studded jackets and we want them now. Mix in some light-weight shirts and leather and it’s American-dream meets British grunge.

Oversized accessories – Gucci has really caught the eye this season, branding is back so wear it loud and proud. The oversized shopper bag is the one to go for – hallelujah I hear you cry, room for all those necessities we like to carry around in case of emergencies. I have to say I don’t know if I’m overly sold by it but I do quite like the collaboration with graffiti artist Trouble Andrew who has brought life to the bag.

So how will you style these trends this Autumn? I may not be ready to get out the boots just yet but I certainly can’t wait to get the layers on later this year.


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