Olympic Spirit

It only happens every four years and let’s be honest it was never going to live up to London Olympics 2012. But as always I have been sucked in, left on the edge of my seat and already found it hard to believe the skill of some of these athletes.

It’s hard to watch some of the sports and not think ‘what if’. I was never going to be a top athlete or gymnast or swimmer, but I took part in all and dedicated a lot of my childhood to sport. I never dreamed of being an Olympian or even a world champion, but I enjoyed it all, I loved the thrill of learning a new move or beating a personal best. As I’ve said in previous posts, I believe a lot of sport and fitness is to do with the mind and I personally have just never had that competitive drive that you need to be a top athlete.

I never enjoyed competitions, school sports day – yes loved it, Trampolining competitions – nope let me leave now. I just wanted to learn and have fun, maybe try a new move but nothing too scary! But as I sit here and watch the Olympics in Rio I do get a little nagging feeling in the back of my mind saying “wouldn’t it have been cool to do something like this, to be the best in your country and to compete against the best in the world?”

Olympians really are a special breed of human, every sport I watch I just can’t believe how much dedication and talent they have. They make comments about how the last four years has been about training every day, putting everything into it and dedicating all their time to their sport. Honestly, after about four weeks of a fitness regime I’m about ready to cave and give up! They really are super humans and an inspiration to watch.

Some of the Olympics I just don’t get, and some of the stories surrounding this years event have been negative but I still recommend you take some time and just watch. Watch the dedication, the passion, the delight of winning a medal and the heart-break of just missing out. So far watching the men get bronze in the Diving Syncro was a highlight, the men just missing out on the team Gymnastics was a blow and the American women smash the team Gymnastics was just unbelieveable.

Let’s get the Athletics started so I can be blown away by the speed of the athletes and start thinking “imagine if I competed and believed in my running way back when…”

N.B. As published I witness Max Whitlock earn a bronze medal in the individual men’s gymnastics, the first for 108 years and then Chris Mears & Jack Laugher win GOLD in the men’s synchro diving for the first time in British history. Just wow. The sheer joy and elation on their faces was just priceless. Team GB are loving the medals today. Well done guys!


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