Fitness First

A fitness journey is a battle, full of highs and lows. Each journey is different as each desired outcome varies. For me it’s as much about having a healthy mind as it is about working my body to its limits. Running has always helped me to clear my head and find clarity, to get the heart pumping, breaking a sweat and gasping for breath. It helps me to focus and to throw out all negative thoughts, proving my body can do so much more if I push it.

I’m lucky, some may say, because I’m tall and slim and “don’t need to go to the gym” and I “can eat whatever I want”, which is lovely to hear, but sometimes bothers me because everyone has their inner struggles and to just tell someone that they don’t need to do something is a bit of a put down. I ‘don’t need to’ do anything but I enjoy it, I enjoy the pain after a workout, knowing my body is getting stronger and more flexible (well, maybe not much but I blame the long limbs).

I try not to be too negative on myself, what’s the point? So instead I’m just going to do a little ‘cheerleader me’ moment to what I love about my body: my legs – they’re long, strong and have carried me many amazing places and as far as ‘best features’ go those are my medal winners; arms – I can successfully repeat 15 ‘proper’ push-ups now, something that before I joined my gym I never thought possible. I’ve always thought of myself as a little weakling in the arm department but it shows repetition and practice does really help!; bum – well it does complete the set of the long legs/round bum combo… squats really are my friend.

My ‘To Work On’ area would be stomach, which tends to be the top of everyone’s list, I’m not fat, I do eat well (please don’t count the ice cream sandwich I had for dinner the other night, or the three cookies I’ve eaten today… sweet tooth!) but I just seem to never achieve that toned stomach! I don’t necessarily want to loose weight but it’s just a problem area, especially after a bad weekend of eating or when I’m feeling bloated.

My fitness routine is pretty solid now, three fitness classes a week, maybe a run at the weekend (dependent on drink consumption and level of pain on the shins) and on my build up to holiday I will try slip 15 minute pyramid session into my ‘off’ days. When everything fell apart for me keeping this fitness routine kept me grounded and made me feel like I had a purpose and was doing something good, the thing they say about adrenalin and endorphins, totally true – my body and mind thanked me.

I highlighted earlier the importance of loving your body, don’t be too hard on yourself, set yourself goals, accept the compliments and shut down the haters. Do it for you, no one else and do it for a reason that matters to you. Everyone is unique. It’s as much the mind as it is the body in this fitness journey.


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