One of my nearest and dearest moved to Australia this year, to work and live for four years! And she was rude enough to leave me behind. So I decided I would book a ticket to go see her for New Year’s Eve in Sydney. I think we can agree that it is very exciting and I’ve basically been bouncing around like a child being told they’re going to Disney ever since.

I have been lucky enough to travel to Australia a couple of times as a kid and loved it! What kid wouldn’t, with all the animals, sunshine, beaches and ice cream? More recently I travelled solo to the Land Down Under, January 2014 I boarded the plane in tears leaving my loved ones behind for three months. By the time I had adjusted to the time different and temperature in Australia I realised it was the best idea. Ever since I went from college straight to University, I told myself once I graduated I was going to Australia regardless of anything else. So I did. It was a dream and I made it happen.

I could write for hours about my experience of Australia, the highs and lows, the memories and more. But I’m trying to look forward, dream again and not stick to the past. So the dream is alive again and I fly out to Sydney on Boxing Day to be greeted by my bestie in one of my favourite places, I’m imagining some sort of ridiculous airport embrace, but knowing her she’ll tell me to get a taxi and meet her at the bar.

I only have just under three weeks this time (not such a luxury as the previous three months) which means no time for jetlag or time to stop. We will embrace everything, mostly celebrating bringing in another New Year together, since we’ve been friends we’ve only missed one, last year when (again) selfishly she was in Australia having a jolly ol’ back-packing experience. I want to experience the living experience, and I have already been promised a tour of all the best bars in Sydney, we will hit the beach as much as possible. I will sight-see whilst she works (minimal work please Becky) and we may try to plan a quick stop in Fraser Island as I missed it last time and she is not pleased.

Then a quick hop back to Melbourne to see some family and reminisce on the time I spent with them three years ago. We will laugh, eat, drink and possible hit the Great Ocean Road. Who knows? All I know is that I can’t wait and for now I can just keep dreaming.


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