Finding Direction

There are always hundreds of thoughts buzzing through my head, current events, when I’m next going to wash my hair, how much money I have left to last the month, plans for future travels and of course the everyday life struggles. Sometimes having these thoughts trapped up in my head can drive me mad and trying to work things out just gets more confusing, until I got myself back into a routine of fitness. People say fitness is all about the body but for me it is so much more, yes I push my body and feel so much better for it but also the clarity I get from a workout and the way I can forget about my day and troubles is most rewarding.

I have written blog posts before (over on an old domain) and I always try to keep up with posting but life gets in the way sometimes. I used to beat myself up about it, feel guilty and then just give up all together. However, I realise that as long as the desire to write and to explore is still within me, whether I post frequently or not shouldn’t matter as much. I want to write interesting content, to document my fitness journey, to share my travels and to hopefully post some fashion pieces and reactions to articles.

This is what you’ll find here, passion and dreams. I may not be a top blogger or fitness fanatic, not a fashion guru or travel connoisseur, but I want to write, I want to share and I want to feel more inspired. I also want to find my purpose, my direction. People say that whilst the 20’s may be the most fun years they are also the years of exploring who you are and sometimes that is the scariest part of all.



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